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ANET - Arista Networks Inc
-3.64(-1.26%)12:00:00 AM 3/3/2021
Arista Networks is an American computer networking company headquartered in Santa Clara, California. The company designs and sells multilayer network switches to deliver software-defined networking solutions for large datacenter, cloud computing, high-performance computing, and high-frequency trading environments. These products include an array of 10/25/40/50/100 Gigabit Ethernet low-latency cut-through switches, including the 7124SX, which remained the fastest switch using SFP+ optics through September 2012, with its sub-500 nanosecond latency, and the 7500 series, Arista's modular 10G/40G/100Gbit/s switch. Arista's own Linux-based network operating system, Extensible Operating System , runs on all Arista products. In 1982, Andy Bechtolsheim cofounded Sun Microsystems, and was its chief hardware designer. In 1995, David Cheriton cofounded Granite Systems with Bechtolsheim, a company that developed Gigabit Ethernet products, which was acquired by Cisco Systems in 1996. In 2001, Cheriton and Bechtolsheim founded another start up, Kealia, which was acquired by Sun in 2004. From 1996 to 2003, Bechtolsheim and Cheriton occupied executive positions at Cisco, leading the development of the Catalyst product line, along with Kenneth Duda who had been Granite Systems' first employee.
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    Following several challenging quarters last year because of the volatile spending of a few giant customers, Arista Networks (NYSE: ANET) posted strong fourth-quarter results last week. In addition, management expects double-digit revenue growth in 2021, as the company is diversifying its core cloud networking business. Over the last decade, Arista Networks has disrupted the traditional networking industry with innovative solutions for cloud providers.

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    In the current session, Arista Networks Inc. (NYSE:ANET) is trading at $313.29, after a 0.65% increase. Over the past month, the stock increased by 0.67%, and in the past year, by 46.57%. With performance like this, long-term shareholders optimistic but others are more likely to look into the price-to-earnings ratio to see if the stock might be overvalued. Assuming that all other factors are held constant, this could present itself as an opportunity for shareholders trying to capitalize on the h...