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BRF S.A. focuses on raising, producing, and slaughtering poultry and pork for processing, production, and sale of fresh meat, processed products, pasta, margarine, and other products. The company's product portfolio comprises meat products, including frozen whole and cut chicken, frozen pork, and beef; processed food products, such as marinated, frozen, whole and cut chicken, roosters, turkey meat, sausages, ham products, bologna, frankfurters, salamis, bacon, cold meats, other smoked products, chicken sausages, chicken hot dogs, and chicken bologna; and frozen processed meats comprising hamburgers, steaks, breaded meat products, kibbeh, and meatballs. It also produces and sells frozen prepared entrees, such as pastas and pizzas, including lasagna, sandwiches, cheese breads, and other ready-to-eat meals; pies and pastries comprising chicken and heart-of-palm pies, sauces, and toppings; frozen desserts; and soy meal, refined soy flour, and animal feed, as well as sell frozen French fries, The company primarily sells its products under the Sadia, Perdigão, Qualy, Chester, Kidelli, Perdix, and Banvit brands. It serves supermarkets, wholesalers, retail stores, food services, restaurants, and other institutional buyers. The company is also involved in the provision of consultancy, marketing, and logistics services; commercialization of electric energy; and import, industrialization, and commercialization of products. BRF S.A. operates primarily in Brazil, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and internationally. The company was formerly known as BRF-Brasil Foods S.A. and changed its name to BRF S.A. in April 2013. BRF S.A. is headquartered in Itajaí, Brazil.
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Stock Statistics
PE Ratio
PEG Ratio2.3
P/S (ttm)
Earning Growth (QoQ)-26%
Revenue Growth (QoQ)
Short %0%
Held by Institutions %10%
1 Day Vol Adjusted Return-1.0
1 Month Vol Adjusted Return3.6
3 Month Vol Adjusted Return1.9
6 Month Vol Adjusted Return7.2
20 Days SMA Price ZScore0.5
50 Days SMA Price ZScore0.7
12 -26 Days PPO1.3
1 Month Average Short Volume Ratio47.0
1 Day Volume Change ZScore1.6
1 Month Daily Vol3.1
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