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CBAT - CBAK Energy Technology, Inc.
-0.09(-1.13%)9:00:00 PM 11/23/2020
CBAK Energy Technology, Inc. engages in the development, manufacture, and sale. of lithium ion rechargeable batteries. It offers aluminum-case cell, battery pack, cylindrical cell, lithium polymer cell, and high-power lithium battery cell. Its products are used for electronic vehicles; light electric vehicles; and electric tools, energy storage, uninterruptible power supply, and other high power applications. The company was founded in August 2001 and is headquartered in Dalian, China.
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    Why CBAK Energy Technology Stock Continued Its Rebound on Friday

    Shares of Chinese lithium rechargeable battery maker CBAK Energy Technology (NASDAQ: CBAT) were on the rise again Friday, up by as much as 17.7% in early trading, and holding onto an 8.2% gain as of 12:08 p.m. EST. Rather, it appears traders are taking advantage of CBAK Energy's now-lower share price to buy in. CBAK Energy stock is trading about 28% below where its shares closed last Friday.

    Why Kandi Techologies, CBAK Energy, and Blink Charging Stocks Are All Up 10% (or Even More) on Thursday

    Alternative energy stocks are having a great day on Thursday -- especially the ones betting that the future will be dominated by electric cars. As of 12:45 p.m. EST, shares of Kandi Technologies Group (NASDAQ: KNDI), a Chinese electric-vehicle maker, are up a solid 13.3%. CBAK Energy Technology (NASDAQ: CBAT), which makes lithium batteries for cars in China, are rising 14.8%, and Blink Charging (NASDAQ: BLNK), which operates an electric charging network in the U.S., is doing best of all -- up ...

    Why CBAK Energy Stock Just Crashed 19.5%

    Trading inflated-price shares for a big debt reduction sounds like a smart business move, but here's the thing: CBAK is not trading shares worth nearly $10 apiece for debt reduction, as one might have expected based on yesterday's $9.73-a-share closing price. Suffice it to say this does not look like a smart business move, and it's not good news for CBAK shareholders at all.

    Why CBAK Energy Stock Crashed 20% This Morning

    After an irrationally exuberant run on Monday that sent its stock up 84% in a day, shares of Chinese lithium battery maker CBAK Energy Technology (NASDAQ: CBAT) are succumbing to gravity this morning, falling 20.3% through 10:30 a.m. EST. Traders piled into the stock on Monday, they made a lot of money doing so -- and now they're cashing out and taking their winnings, with dramatic consequences for the stock's price. Assuming the analyst sticks to its guns, and repeats this assertion in coming...

    Why CBAK Energy Technology Stock Soared by Almost 84% Monday

    No news at all that had a direct connection to CBAK that could be credited with lighting a fire under the stock price Monday. According to Nasdaq, there were just under 373,000 shares of CBAK stock sold short at last report. Another catalyst potentially working in CBAK's favor -- on Friday, JP Morgan put out a positive note on the health of China's "new energy vehicles" sector, predicting that sales of electric cars, plug-in hybrids, and fuel cell vehicles will grow 43% annually over the next ...

    Why CBAK Energy, Electrameccanica Vehicles, and Piedmont Lithium Stocks All Went Wild Friday

    In 11:30 a.m. EST trading, shares of Chinese lithium battery manufacturer CBAK Energy Technology (NASDAQ: CBAT) are up 55.7%, with those of Canadian three-wheeled electric-car maker Electrameccanica Vehicles (NASDAQ: SOLO) gaining about half that (25.4%). Piedmont Lithium (NASDAQ: PLL) -- an Australian miner of the metal that goes into making electric-car batteries -- is holding on to a 6.1% increase after topping out at 12% in trading earlier this morning. While the gains these stocks are mak...

    Bet on Lithium Batteries with CBAK Energy Technology Stock

    Here is a piece of trivia that even lithium aficionados might not know. In January of 2005, CBAK Energy Technology (NASDAQ:CBAT) became the first Chinese lithium battery company to get listed in the United States. Of course, you can still trade CBAT stock today. Importantly, it has even made some big moves in 2020. Source: Pavel Kapysh / As its corporate profile notes, CBAK Energy Technology broadly engages in the sale of high-power lithium batteries for electric and hybrid v...