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CRS - Carpenter Technology Corp.
-0.28(-0.70%)6:41:10 PM 3/23/2023
Carpenter Technology Corporation develops, manufactures, and distributes stainless steels and corrosion-resistant alloys. In fiscal year 2018, the company's revenues were derived from the aerospace and defense industry , the industrial and consumer industry , the medical industry , the transportation industry , the energy industry , and the distribution industry . The company's products are used in landing gear, shaft collars, safety wires, electricity generation products, intervertebral disc arthroplasty, and engine valves and weldings. The company was founded by James Henry Carpenter and a small group of New York City investors in Reading, Pennsylvania in 1889 as the Carpenter Steel Company.


Quarterly financials
(USD)Dec 2022Q/Q
Gross Profit70MM+28%
Cost Of Revenue509.1MM-
Operating Income22.6MM-
Operating Expenses47.4MM-
Net Income6.2MM-190%
Interest Expense13MM+3%
Restructuring & Acquisition--

Revenue Breakdowns

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