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FTCH - Farfetch Ltd
-2.76(-4.15%)9:05:21 PM 2/25/2021
Farfetch is a British-Portuguese online luxury fashion retail platform that sells products from over 700 boutiques and brands from around the world. The company was founded in 2007 by the Portuguese entrepreneur José Neves with its headquarters in London and main branches in Porto, Guimarães, Braga, Lisbon, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, São Paulo and Dubai. The e-commerce company operates local-language websites and mobile apps for international markets in English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, German, Portuguese, Korean, Italian and Russian. Farfetch has offices in 14 cities and employs over 4,500 staff.
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Stock Statistics
PE Ratio
PEG Ratio0.4
P/S (ttm)14.9
Earning Growth (QoQ)
Revenue Growth (QoQ)
Short %10%
Held by Institutions %79%
1 Day Vol Adjusted Return-1.0
1 Month Vol Adjusted Return1.4
3 Month Vol Adjusted Return8.1
6 Month Vol Adjusted Return42.7
20 Days SMA Price ZScore-0.7
50 Days SMA Price ZScore0.1
12 -26 Days PPO2.3
1 Month Average Short Volume Ratio37.3
1 Day Volume Change ZScore0.0
1 Month Daily Vol4.3
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    Farfetch Sales Growth Slows in Fourth Quarter

    And derivative liabilities hit the luxury brand’s bottom line hard in the fourth quarter.

    Farfetch Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2020 Results

    Farfetch Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2020 Results

    Farfetch to Participate in Virtual Investor Conferences

    Farfetch to Participate in Virtual Investor Conferences

    Farfetch's Earnings: A Preview

    Farfetch (NYSE:FTCH) releases its next round of earnings this Thursday, February 25. Get the latest predictions in Benzinga's essential guide to the company's Q4 earnings report. What Are Earnings, Net Income, And Earnings Per Share? Earnings and especially earnings per share (EPS) are useful measures of a company's profitability. Total earnings, which is also referred to as net income, equals total revenue minus total expenses. EPS equals to net income divided by the number of shares outstandin...

    Farfetch Active Shoppers Are Forecast to Grow 10 Times With Alibaba Assist

    Online luxury platform Farfetch (NYSE: FTCH) is expected to see the number of active shoppers on its site soar to at least 30 million in the next five years as its partnership with Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) and Richemont (OTC: CFRUY) brings in incremental new demand from Chinese consumers. Last November, Alibaba and Richemont committed to investing over $1.1 billion in the luxury goods marketplace with the three companies forming a joint venture called Farfetch China. In a research note to investor...

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    Farfetch Gets More Personalized With Style Adviser Service

    The luxury platform has linked with Wishi to serve up AI and human-vetted recommendations to shoppers.

    Farfetch (FTCH) Continues to Improve, Up 449%+ in 12 Months

    Miller Value Partners, an investment management firm, published its ‘Opportunity Equity’ fourth-quarter 2020 Investor Letter – a copy of which can be seen here. A net return of 35.4% was recorded by the fund for the Q4 of 2020, outperforming its S&P 500 benchmark that delivered a 12.15% return. You can view the fund’s top 5 […]