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FUBO - fuboTV Inc
-0.22(-1.03%)6:00:02 PM 11/26/2021
fuboTV Inc. operates a live TV streaming platform for live sports events, news, and entertainment content in Europe and the United States. Its platform allows customers to access content through streaming devices, as well as on SmartTVs, mobile phones, tablets, and computers. The company is headquartered in New York, New York.
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    FuboTV Is Growing Very Quickly, but Fubo Stock Is Having a Hard Time Coping

    FuboTV (NYSE:FUBO) got off to a hot start at the beginning of 2021, but has since fallen off a bit. Nonetheless, sentiment appears to remain positive when it comes to FUBO stock. Source: monticello / The sports TV streaming subscription service just reported very strong growth for the third quarter 2021. It now is near 1 million subscribers, up from just 286,000 in Q2 of last year. In other words, the company’s base subscriber level has almost quadrupled in a little more than on

    fuboTV Stock Crashes After Q3 Earnings: Should You Buy Now?

    The company is gaining traction with consumers, and growing revenue and subscribers at a rapid rate. Let's look at fuboTV's Q3 earnings and see if the dip is a buying opportunity. Revenue growth was an impressive 156% for fuboTV's third quarter.

    2 Reasons Why fuboTV Stock Crashed After Earnings

    Instead, the issues arise from fuboTV's profit margins -- or lack thereof. It's losing money at a rapid rate and keeps raising capital that is diluting shareholders. Let's look closer at two reasons the market is concerned about fuboTV.

    It's Way Too Soon to Dismiss fuboTV

    Don't let the recent analyst naysaying distract you from what makes this company unique from any cable competitor.

    These 2 Stocks Could Triple Your Money Over the Next Decade

    In their specific realms, Snowflake and fuboTV each have differentiators that give them a real edge.

    Better Buy: fuboTV vs. Latch

    Shares of fuboTV (NYSE: FUBO) and Latch (NASDAQ: LTCH) are among the higher volatility stocks in the market, but that does not mean they are not worth investing in. With two co-founders leading the way, fuboTV's trying to become the next generation of live TV. Although Sportsbook is currently only operational in Iowa, fubo does have sports betting licenses in four other states with New Jersey being one of those included.

    fuboTV's Monster Quarter: Revenue Increases by 156%

    The announcement reveals fuboTV is growing revenue rapidly as consumers increasingly prefer the convenient service. Let's take a closer look at fuboTV's impressive sales figures and discern why the market did not like what it saw. Streaming service fuboTV reported revenue of $156.7 million in its fiscal third quarter ended Sept. 30.