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GTS - Triple-S Management Corp
0.03(0.08%)6:15:14 PM 12/1/2021
The Triple-S Management Corporation —commonly known as Triple-S, or SSS— is an insurance holding company based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which offers a wide range of insurance products and services in Puerto Rico through its wholly owned subsidiaries. Listed in the NYSE as GTS, Its headquarters are located at 1441 Franklin D. Roosevelt Ave., in the San Patricio section of San Juan. Triple-S is the leading managed care company in Puerto Rico. With over one million customers, in addition to its core managed care business, TSM operates two complementary businesses in life, and property and casualty insurance. Founded in 1959, it has become the largest medical insurance provider in Puerto Rico thanks to its licensed affiliation with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Since 1965, Triple-S, Inc. has been an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, holding the exclusive rights to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield name and trademark in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Triple-S also has operations in Costa Rica as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Costa Rica. This provides its members with access to the Blue Card network in the U.S. It is the only managed-care company that serves all market sectors, including Medicare, Medicaid, Group and Individual, in Puerto Rico and is one of the most recognized brands locally.
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