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NSTG - Nanostring Technologies Inc
1.25(1.64%)7:32:00 PM 1/22/2021
NanoString Technologies, Inc. is a publicly held biotech company that specializes in development of cancer diagnostics tools. The company's technology enables a wide variety of basic research, translational medicine and in vitro diagnostics applications. The company was founded by Krassen Dimitrov, Amber Ratcliffe, and Dwayne Dunaway in 2003, and is based in Seattle, Washington. NanoString's "nCounter Analysis System" is based on a digital molecular barcoding technology invented by Dimitrov and Dunawa[citation needed] in Leroy Hood's lab at the Institute for Systems Biology , and became commercially available in 2008. NanoString received a CE-mark designation for selling the Prosigna breast cancer prognostic gene signature assay in Israel and EU in September 2012, and in September 2013, NanoString received FDA 510 clearance for Prosigna. NanoString's nCounter technology is a variation on the DNA microarray and was invented and patented by Krassen Dimitrov and Dwayne Dunaway.[citation needed] It uses molecular "barcodes" and microscopic imaging to detect and count up to several hundred unique transcripts in one hybridization reaction.
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