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RICK - RCI Hospitality Holdings Inc
-4.90(-5.20%)9:00:00 PM 1/30/2023
RCI Hospitality Holdings, Inc. , through its subsidiaries, operates strip clubs, nightclubs, topless gentlemen's clubs, adult entertainment websites and the military themed Bombshells restaurant and sports bar chain. RCI went public with an IPO in 1995 is listed on The NASDAQ Global Market under the symbol RICK. The company was founded in 1983 by Robert Watters and is based in Houston, Texas. In 1998, the company merged with Taurus, Inc., which was controlled by Eric Langan, who eventually became the company's president and CEO in 1999. Langan acquired his first gentlemen's club in Texas at age 21 with $40,000 from the sale of his baseball card collection. Later, he acquired a controlling interest in RCI and became the CEO, following its merger with publicly traded Taurus, Inc., which owned the XTC Cabaret chain. Under Langan's direction, RCI has grown inside and outside of Texas, such as New York, Illinois, Florida, Arizona, Minnesota and others. RCI has also expanded the company into related businesses, such as sports bars/restaurants and nightclubs.
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