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RMAX - RE/MAX Holdings Inc
-0.59(-1.87%)9:00:02 PM 1/14/2022
RE/MAX, short for Real Estate Maximums, is an American international real estate company that operates through a franchise system. As of 2015, RE/MAX had more than 100,000 agents in 6,800 offices. RE/MAX operates in about 100 countries.[citation needed] RE/MAX was founded in January 1973 by Dave Liniger and Gail Main . The company was established with a maximum commission concept, meaning agents would keep nearly all of their commissions and pay their broker a share of the office expenses, rather than paying their broker a share of the commission of each sale, which is common in residential real estate. In 1975, Dennis Curtin purchased the first RE/MAX franchise outside of Colorado, in Kansas City, Missouri. The company grew to 100 franchises in two years. RE/MAX held its first convention in Las Vegas in 1976, which became an annual event.
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Stock Statistics
PE Ratio
PEG Ratio0.1
P/S (ttm)3.8
Earning Growth (QoQ)-59%
Revenue Growth (QoQ)
Short %4%
Held by Institutions %97%
1 Day Vol Adjusted Return-1.0
1 Month Vol Adjusted Return1.9
3 Month Vol Adjusted Return-1.7
6 Month Vol Adjusted Return-2.4
20 Days SMA Price ZScore1.2
50 Days SMA Price ZScore0.8
12 -26 Days PPO1.1
1 Month Average Short Volume Ratio67.7
1 Day Volume Change ZScore-0.5
1 Month Daily Vol1.9
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