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VLO - Valero Energy Corp.
2.28(2.93%)8:00:01 PM 5/12/2021
Valero Energy Corporation is a Fortune 500 international manufacturer and marketer of transportation fuels, other petrochemical products, and power. It is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, United States. Throughout the United States and Canada, the company owns and operates 15 refineries, and one in Wales, with a combined throughput capacity of approximately 3 million barrels per day, 11 ethanol plants with a combined production capacity of 1.2 billion US gallons per year, and a 50-megawatt wind farm. Before the 2013 spinoff of CST Brands, Valero was one of the United States' largest retail operators with approximately 6,800 retail and branded wholesale outlets in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and the Caribbean under the Valero, Diamond Shamrock, Shamrock, Beacon, and Texaco brands. Valero was created on January 1, 1980, as the successor of Coastal States Gas Corporation's Subsidiary, LoVaca Gathering Company. Valero took over the natural gas operations of the LoVaca Gathering Company, later renamed the Valero Transmission Company. The name Valero comes from Mission San Antonio de Valero, the original name of the Alamo. Valero acquired Corpus Christi Marine Services Company , a small barge company in Corpus Christi, Texas in April 1981 when it purchased a stake in Saber Energy Inc. of Houston. In May 1985, Valero Refining and Marketing Company was born from Valero's subsidiary, Saber Energy, Inc.
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Stock Statistics
PE Ratio-113.3
PEG Ratio-10.1
P/S (ttm)0.6
Earning Growth (QoQ)
Revenue Growth (QoQ)
Short %2%
Held by Institutions %78%
1 Day Vol Adjusted Return1.3
1 Month Vol Adjusted Return6.0
3 Month Vol Adjusted Return9.1
6 Month Vol Adjusted Return23.8
20 Days SMA Price ZScore1.3
50 Days SMA Price ZScore1.3
12 -26 Days PPO2.6
1 Month Average Short Volume Ratio47.7
1 Day Volume Change ZScore2.1
1 Month Daily Vol2.3
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