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Specialty Insurance Stocks$84.20
-2.87%4:00PM 03/22/2023
The list of companies include AGO-Assured Guaranty Ltd, AIZ-Assurant Inc, AMBC-AMBAC Financial Group Inc., COOP-Mr. Cooper Group Inc, ESNT-Essent Group Ltd, FAF-First American Financial Corp, FNF-Fidelity National Financial Inc, IGIC-International General Insurance Holdings Ltd, ITIC-Investors Title Co., MBI-MBIA Inc., MKL-Markel Corp, MTG-MGIC Investment Corp, PRA-Proassurance Corporation, RDN-Radian Group, Inc., STC-Stewart Information Services Corp., TIPT-Tiptree Inc, TRUP-Trupanion Inc
Latest intraday update before market close @ 16:45:32 PM 03/23/2023
Summary :
Average return is down -1.0%
Median return is up 0.1%
9 out of 17 stocks are up (limited to those with intraday pricing feeds).

Aggregated price index

Aggregated price index with volume information


  • Specialty Insurance stocks down 2.9% on average while median return down 2.5% in a day
  • Specialty Insurance stocks down 1.2% on average while median return down 0.6% in a week
  • Specialty Insurance stocks down 12.9% on average while median return down 9.0% in a month
  • When average return is significantly different from median return, this implies an asymmetry - composite return is driven by some outliners.

Aggregated price index (close) is based on equal weighted constituencies returns. Average short volume and average total volumes are averaged across all volume data among constituencies.

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1 Day Return
1 Week Return
1 Month Return
PE Ratio
P/B (mrq)
P/S (ttm)
Earning Growth
Short %
Held By Institutions %
Price Pattern
Resist Support
Days Since Channel Change
Channel Slope (daily rate %)
1.35401.3M2%51%47\/\/Below support1250.1%
-19.1%\-Below support1960.0%
0.240.970.762.8B9%88%38/-At support3330.0%
-1.710.674.39663.9M10%84%36\/\/Below support1670.3%
0.830.32526M3%37%39/\/Below support930.3%
24.794.970.533.358%2.8B8%100%29\/-Below support3330.0%
-2.15-0.261.64461.2M9%66%22\/\Below support333-0.1%

* P/E and MarketCap are refreshed daily using IEX Cloud service. P/B, P/S, PEG, growth, short%, HelbyInstitute are refreshed weekly using Yahoo feeds. For latest stock stats please visit Yahoo Finance.

* Price Patter: / is upward trend, \ is downward trend, - is sideway. Click on the ticker to go to stock page to see Bayesian Trend model plot of the time series.

* Channel and change points are derived from Bayesian Trend model, where the channel slope is the growth rate while change points are those the model partition the time series.

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leak data

  • 1M winners are : Winners for past month are $TRUP 5.9%
  • 1M losers are : Losers for past month are $AIZ -13.7%, $COOP -13.7%, $FNF -19.1%, $AGO -22.8%, $MBI -36.0%
  • 1W winners are : Winners for past week are $TRUP 3.9%, $AIZ 2.0%, $ESNT 1.8%, $FNF 1.3%, $MKL 0.9%
  • 1W losers are : Losers for past week are $FAF -2.4%, $IGIC -3.1%, $AGO -4.0%, $TIPT -4.0%, $MBI -12.7%
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Correlation Analysis

Index correlation analysis

Correlation for the past month is 53.7%, for the past 3 months is 42.4%

In the past month for a 5 days rolling window, the highest corrrelation is 82.8%, the lowest correlation is -1.5%, the latest correlation is 82.8%

When a correlation deviated from the normal level and goes lower or even negative, it indicates some of stocks have deviated from the normal direction of the group. The deviation could reverse if long term level of correlation was at a higher level. It creates trading opportunities and deserves study whether the deviation is idiosyncratic or systematic.

Among pairwise correlation, the highest correlation is 93.9% between ESNT and MTG

The lowest correlation is -0.8% between IGIC and MBI

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