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ZTS - Zoetis Inc
-0.48(-0.29%)9:03:56 PM 1/30/2023
Zoetis Inc. is the world's largest producer of medicine and vaccinations for pets and livestock. The company was a subsidiary of Pfizer, the world's largest drug maker, but with Pfizer's spinoff of its 83% interest in the firm it is now a completely independent company. The company directly markets the products in approximately 45 countries, and sells the products in more than 100 countries. Operations outside the United States accounted for 50% of the total revenue. Contemporaneous with the spinoff in June 2013 S&P Dow Jones Indices announced that Zoetis would replace First Horizon National Corporation in the S&P 500 stock market index. In the 1950s, Pfizer began research on several drugs including Oxytetracycline. John McKeen, a chemical engineer with Pfizer products, discovered its effective use in livestock. In 1952, the Pfizer Agriculture Division opened a 732-acre research and development facility in Terre Haute, Indiana called Vigo. By 1988 the division was renamed Pfizer Animal Health.
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Stock Statistics
PE Ratio37.7
PEG Ratio3.0
P/S (ttm)12.6
Earning Growth (QoQ)32%
Revenue Growth (QoQ)
Short %1%
Held by Institutions %94%
1 Day Vol Adjusted Return-0.2
1 Month Vol Adjusted Return8.6
3 Month Vol Adjusted Return3.7
6 Month Vol Adjusted Return-4.6
20 Days SMA Price ZScore0.9
50 Days SMA Price ZScore1.7
12 -26 Days PPO2.9
1 Month Average Short Volume Ratio54.4
1 Day Volume Change ZScore-0.8
1 Month Daily Vol1.7
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