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Baidu, Inc. provides Internet search services in China and internationally. It operates through two segments, Baidu Core and iQIYI. The Baidu Core segment offers products for uses, including Baidu App to access search, feed, and other services using mobile devices; Baidu Search to access its search and other services through its other properties and Union partners; Baidu Feed that provides users with personalized timeline based on their demographics and interests; Haokan, a short video app; and Quanmin, a flash video app for users to create and share short videos. It also provides Baidu Knows, a question-and-answer community where questions are asked, answered, and organized by users; Baidu Encyclopedia; Baidu Healthcare Wiki; Baidu Wenku; Baidu Scholar; Baidu Experience; Baidu Post Bar, a social media platform; Baidu Maps that offers locations, and intelligent routing and navigation services; Baidu Input Method Editor or Baidu IME, a Chinese-language mobile keyboard; Baijiahao; and DuerOS, a voice assistant platform. In addition, this segment offers online marketing services, which include pay for performance (P4P), an auction-based services that allow customers to bid for priority placement of paid sponsored links and reach users who search for information related to their products or services; other marketing services provides display-based marketing services and other online marketing services based on performance criteria other than cost per click; Apollo, an autonomous driving platform; and Baidu Cloud primarily provides AI solutions, cloud infrastructure, and other services to enterprises and individuals. The iQIYI segment provides online entertainment service, including original and licensed content; membership services; and online advertising services. The company was formerly known as, Inc. and changed its name to Baidu, Inc. in December 2008. Baidu, Inc. was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Beijing, China.
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    Baidu Inc. (BIDU) has received quite a bit of attention from users lately. Therefore, it is wise to be aware of the facts that can impact the stock's prospects.

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    Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) and Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU) represent two different ways to invest in the growing artificial intelligence (AI) market. Nvidia is the world's largest producer of high-end data center graphics processing units (GPUs) for undertaking AI tasks. Baidu, which owns China's largest search engine, has also established a foothold in the market with its cloud-based AI services, ERNIE chatbot, and Apollo platform for driverless vehicles.

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    Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU) posted its third-quarter earnings report on Nov. 21. Its adjusted net income grew 23% to 7.27 billion yuan ($996 million), which also exceeded analysts' expectations by 990 million yuan, while its adjusted earnings per ADS rose 21% to $2.80. Baidu's headline numbers seemed healthy, but does its stock still have room to run after rallying about 20% over the past 12 months?

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    Well before Washington banned Nvidia's exports of high-performance graphic processing units to China, the country's tech giants had been hoarding them in anticipation of an escalating tech war between the two nations. Baidu, one of the tech firms building China's counterparts to OpenAI, has secured enough AI chips to keep training its ChatGPT equivalent Ernie Bot for the "next year or two," the firm's CEO Robin Li said on an earnings call this week. "Also, inference requires less powerful chips,