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Bank of Greene County is a federally-chartered savings bank headquartered in Catskill, NY with 15 branches located in the Hudson Valley counties of Greene, Columbia, Albany, and Ulster Counties The bank was initially founded on January 22, 1889 as the Building & Loan Association of Catskill. Thomas E. Ferrier, Catskill Town Supervisor and owner of a brickyard and knitting mill, was elected as the Association’s first President. In 1911, the Building and Loan Association of Catskill changed its name to the Catskill Savings & Loan Association , and began accepting savings deposits. In 1930, the CS&LA purchased its first building, located at 389 Main Street in Catskill, NY, for $15,000. In 1940, total assets reached $1 million for the first time in the organization’s history. When the CS&LA outgrew 389 Main Street, it opened its first full-service office with a drive-up window in 1963, located at 425 Main Street in Catskill. In 1974, the Catskill Savings & Loan Association converted to a state-chartered savings bank and changed its name to Greene County Savings Bank, opening its first dedicated branch in Coxsackie.
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