HAYN - Haynes International Inc.9:00:00 PM 12/5/2023
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Haynes International, Inc., headquartered in Kokomo, Indiana, is one of the largest producers of corrosion-resistant and high-temperature alloys. In addition to Kokomo, Haynes has manufacturing facilities in Arcadia, Louisiana, and Mountain Home, North Carolina. The Kokomo facility specializes in flat products, the Arcadia facility in tubular products, and the Mountain Home facility in wire products. In fiscal year 2018, the company's revenues were derived from the aerospace , chemical processing , industrial gas turbine and other industries. The company's alloys are primarily marketed under the Hastelloy and the Haynes brands. They are based on nickel, but also include cobalt, chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, iron, silicon, manganese, carbon, aluminum, and/or titanium. The company was founded by Elwood Haynes in 1912 in Kokomo, Indiana, as Haynes Stellite Works. Haynes had recently received a patent for a metal he created, which he named Stellite.
Quarterly financials
(USD)Sep 2023Q/Q
Gross Profit29.8MM+14%
Cost Of Revenue130.8MM+11%
Operating Income16.1MM+22%
Operating Expenses13.6MM-
Net Income13.1MM+50%
Interest Expense2.1MM-4%
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