TDG - Transdigm Group Incorporated8:00:02 PM 6/14/2024
-28.89 (-2.18%)
TransDigm Group is a publicly traded aerospace manufacturing company headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. TransDigm develops and manufactures engineered aerospace components. It was founded in 1993, when four industrial aerospace companies were combined by a private equity firm in a leveraged buyout. TransDigm expanded the range of aerospace components it manufactures through acquisitions over the years. It filed an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange in 2006. TransDigm was formed in 1993 under the name TD Holding Corporation. It was founded with an initial equity investment of $10 million. The company was created by founders W. Nicholas Howley and Douglas Peacock along with private equity firm Kelso & Company, in order to acquire and consolidate four industrial aerospace companies from IMO Industries Inc. in a leveraged buyout. Those four companies were Adel Fasteners, Aero Products Component Services, Controlex Corporation and Wiggins Connectors. Once the acquisitions were completed, TD Holding was renamed to TransDigm, Inc. and based in Richmond Heights, Ohio.
Quarterly financials
(USD)Mar 2024Q/Q
Gross Profit1.2B+11%
Cost Of Revenue767MM+3%
Operating Income867MM+10%
Operating Expenses285MM-
Net Income403MM+5%
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