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AMAT - Applied Materials Inc.
9.82(6.25%)9:00:00 PM 1/14/2022
Applied Materials, Inc. is an American corporation that supplies equipment, services and software for the manufacture of semiconductor chips for electronics, flat panel displays for computers, smartphones and televisions, and solar products. The company also supplies equipment to produce coatings for flexible electronics, packaging and other applications. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, in Silicon Valley. Founded in 1967 by Michael A. McNeilly and others, Applied Materials went public in 1972. In subsequent years, the company diversified, until James C. Morgan became CEO in 1976 and returned the company's focus to its core business of semiconductor manufacturing equipment. By 1978, sales increased by 17%.
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Stock Statistics
PE Ratio13.0
PEG Ratio0.8
P/S (ttm)6.6
Earning Growth (QoQ)27%
Revenue Growth (QoQ)
Short %1%
Held by Institutions %83%
1 Day Vol Adjusted Return2.2
1 Month Vol Adjusted Return3.0
3 Month Vol Adjusted Return10.1
6 Month Vol Adjusted Return11.1
20 Days SMA Price ZScore2.1
50 Days SMA Price ZScore2.7
12 -26 Days PPO1.4
1 Month Average Short Volume Ratio36.9
1 Day Volume Change ZScore1.5
1 Month Daily Vol2.9
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